When my partner was diagnosed with prostate cancer I was so confused, frightened and didn't know what step we should take next. A coworker told me about HopeTrack. That was the beginning of our journey. HopeTrack led & supported me to making decisions to help him. I collected information that I would have never thought to have for all the medical teams. It is truly an amazing guide/log/record keeper. Also, he is doing great now! Thank you HopeTrack for being there when we needed you!     James Kingston & Brian Mills



I was diagnosed with stage one Breast Cancer. A friend had recently heard of HopeTrack and purchased one for me. This treatment log was the most complete, thorough, guide I could have ever found. When I went for second opinions, for example, the medical professionals were blown away at the fact that I had so much information at my fingertips. I had my health history complete, past surgeries, medication allergies, past tests with results. They didn't have wait for any information while I "tried to remember". I had it all right there with me in my HopeTrack. It expidited my exams, diagnosis, treatment & definitely my recovery. The business card holder & 3 hole punch were a definite plus! It is an unbelievable tool. Anyone with a diagnosis of Cancer MUST have a HopeTrack.     Bethany Husband



When my mom was given the diagnosis of colon cancer, she desperately needed me as her caregiver. I was fortunate enough to learn of HopeTrack. I am so thankful for how it was part of our next year. I don't think things would have worked out as efficiently as they did without HopeTrack. I had all of her information with us at every appointment we went to during final diagnosis, treatment & recovery. HopeTrack guided me to collect facts and information I would have never thought to have. Every time we met with a Doctor or professional, we had the answers to their questions right with us! They couldn't believe we were so organized and prepared. HopeTrack was the one of the best things I could have found to help me and my mom.     Simon Pritchard



When my husband was initially diagnosed with Lympoma, he went into a fast depression. All moves and decisions were left to me. I panicked. My sister had heard of HopeTrack and ordered one for us. All I can say is "Amazing". HopeTrack help me clear my head enough to begin doing what I had to do to help him. I worked hard and long to collect all of the information we needed for appointment and tests. So many phone calls needed to be made, a lot of Dr. visits, tests and opinions. HopeTrack has page after page to collect names, phone numbers, appointment times, test results, insurance information, medication pages, treatments, surgeries, post op instructions. That's just naming a few. Also, one of the most helpful tools included with the HopeTrack is a 3 hole punch. I would file every test result and piece of printed information we were given. HopeTrack became a valuable tool I had to have with me at all times during our journey. Thank you HopeTrack!     Marie Brightman Kooper

Accurate information is crucial to the treatment of the patient

The HopeTrack brand was developed by Kris Neal as a direct result of her journey and personal experience with her husband and both of her parents. The Cancer Treatment Tracker was created due to the 2006 diagnosis of her husband Terry's throat cancer. The Hospice Tracker was developed in 2012, after the 2006 death of her father, and loss of her mother in 2011.

As a result of her mother living independently before her death, the HopeTrack Medical Tracker was developed. Keeping their mother more organized, directed and frequently reminded on her daily activities was a goal of her family.

Terry's treatment success resulted from documenting every piece of information gathered during the process. The original HopeTrack was born due to the whirlwind of phone calls, consultations, appointments, tests, exams, X-rays, scans and biopsies. Kris began to assemble her own binder to keep all the materials and information organized through the stressful, critical time.

From day one, Kris' goal has been to provide others experiencing these life's challenges with a tool to ease some of the stress and offer piece of mind.