The HopeTrack Medical Tracker

Peace of mind in your time of need. In 2014, the HopeTrack Medical Tracker was developed by Kris Neal. Documented, personal, vital medical information is necessary for everyone. This Tracker proves beneficial to those in Independent Living and Assisted Living situations as well as anyone wanting their personal information readily available to them. Pages for notes are provided for the patient, family members and Health Care Teams to communicate. The tool is invaluable for providing Physicians with information at appointments. The uses are limitless as well as personally and medically beneficial.

The HopeTrack Medical Tracker covers the following key areas:

- Personal Information
- How to use your Tracker
- Cards & Addresses + Business Card Holder
- Birthday’s & Anniversary’s
- Calendar & Daily Journal
- Appointments
- Social Events
- Medical Appointments
- Personal Appointments
- Blood Pressure
- Blood Glucose
- Blood Tests
- Medical Procedures
- Instructions & Notes
- Reminders & Questions
- Medication Info for Physicians
- Medication Allergies
- Daily Medications
- My Surgeries & Past Hospitalizations
- Health History
- Physician & Pharmacy
- Medicare Information
- Insurance Information
- Notes

The Hopetrack Medical Tracker puts your vital, personal information at your fingertips!

Accurate information is crucial to the treatment of the patient

The HopeTrack brand was developed by Kris Neal as a direct result of her journey and personal experience with her husband and both of her parents. The Cancer Treatment Tracker was created due to the 2006 diagnosis of her husband Terry's throat cancer. The Hospice Tracker was developed in 2012, after the 2006 death of her father, and loss of her mother in 2011.

As a result of her mother living independently before her death, the HopeTrack Medical Tracker was developed. Keeping their mother more organized, directed and frequently reminded on her daily activities was a goal of her family.

Terry's treatment success resulted from documenting every piece of information gathered during the process. The original HopeTrack was born due to the whirlwind of phone calls, consultations, appointments, tests, exams, X-rays, scans and biopsies. Kris began to assemble her own binder to keep all the materials and information organized through the stressful, critical time.

From day one, Kris' goal has been to provide others experiencing these life's challenges with a tool to ease some of the stress and offer piece of mind.